THE TEMPLE OF SILENCE Reviewed in The Comics Journal by Dan Nadel

His life and work is now the subject of a large and generously illustrated book, Herbert Crowley: The Temple of Silence by Justin Duerr. It is the kind of scholarly and research-driven deep dive that I wish for about... well, most everything. Duerr gathers every conceivable strand of Crowley's unusual and extremely complicated life and work and weaves them together into a coherent and quite moving whole.

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Profound, Frightening, Childlike, and Ancient: A Conversation with TEMPLE OF SILENCE author Justin Duerr

When I came across The Wiggle-Much I was awestruck. It really had the strangest sway over me — immediately. It was just so obviously magical... whatever the heck was going on in that comic strip, it was profound, it was frightening, it was silly, it was austere, it was childlike and ancient... all at the same time. It seemed to be up there with Krazy Kat, idiosyncratically dealing with cosmic themes on the comics page.