Happy New Year from Beehive Books!

Welcome to 2017, friends! What an amazing happenstance that we've all arrived here together!

We just thought we'd take this moment, here at the start of this fresh new unsullied calendar year, to introduce ourselves formally, and invite you to join what promises to be a grand adventure in art and publishing.

As some of you may already know, Beehive is a new small press imprint founded by artist and designer Maelle Doliveux, and writer and editor Josh O'Neill, publisher of Locust Moon Press. We are a boutique company committed to producing book art editions of distinctive literary and pictorial works with singular design sensibilities, the highest production values, and a special emphasis on comics and graphic art. We plan to bring you the very best there is in sequential storytelling, illustration, printmaking, and book craft.

Maelle and I are drawn to a lot of off-beat things. If you're on this mailing list, you probably are too. We like art that's moving, frightening, revelatory and alive. We like forgotten geniuses and lost works and mysterious tomes. We like things that were pulled out of antiquity, and work that seems to materialize from an impossibly distant future. We like pictograms and cryptographs, enigmatic historical artifacts and inexplicable interdimensional zines. We like gleaming draftsmanship and outsider vision, pronouncements from the mountaintop and urgent cries in the dark. We like text that cuts through images and images that read like text. We like secret shrouded messages and nobly bald-faced propaganda. We like books and artworks that crackle and seethe with true, unmistakable magic. 

The audience for this sort of work is a select group, with idiosyncratic and highly discerning taste. The things we intend to make may not have broad mainstream appeal. But lovers of the weird and unique tend to love with their whole heart. So our hope at Beehive is to build an intimate group of readers, collectors, code-breakers, archivists, infonauts, futurists, scholars, fellow-travelers, and literary adventurists who will help us make the impossible possible. 

With your help, we can make books and projects too bizarre and beautiful to live in the mainstream literary marketplace.

In October, we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund our first book -- THE TEMPLE OF SILENCE: Forgotten Works & Worlds of Herbert Crowley. And now, thanks to your support, this completely forgotten, inexpressibly visionary artwork from a century ago will live again, in a handsomely produced edition worthy of its astonishing contents. (Though the Kickstarter is done, the book and some of its associated swag are still available for sale right here on our website.)

THE TEMPLE OF SILENCE was something of a pilot program for us. Will readers follow us into the uncharted wilds of graphic art, comics and storytelling? The first reports from the field are promising. But we've only just begun. So stay tuned, friends -- we have some very exciting new projects to announce -- some of which we'll be unveiling over the next few weeks. Watch this space. 

But more than anything, we'd like to hear from YOU. What would you like to see from Beehive Books? What long-out-of-print masterpieces need to be resurrected? What impossibly ambitious design projects need tackling? What unknown stories need to be told? What voices need to be heard? What kind of ink & paper glory is missing from your life?

We called our company Beehive because we can't do it alone. An awe-inspiring mega-structure like a beehive can only be the work of many. We hope to imitate our apian friends and erect an impressively designed, hyper-efficient sweetness factory. To do that, we're going to need you on our team. 

So drop us a line, and let's start a dialogue. We hope you'll get on board with Beehive. This journey promises to be one for the ages.

Very truly yours,

Josh O'Neill & Maelle Doliveux
Beehive Books

Beehive Books